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One of the most powerful ways to create lasting change is to step away from trying to do it all ourselves and utilize the support of a personal counselor. Someone to listen to us from a heart-centered place, free of judgment, so that we can fully express who we are. A professional guide who will lead us into deep personal inquiry to access our internal guidance system and discover our own truth. Together, you and I will work to heal and release whatever stands in the way of you experiencing the health, abundance and love that you deserve.


Carol E. Ritchie, M.A., CPC

 "Carol's remarkable patience, compassion and skills as an emotional and spiritual healer surpass expectations. We all know healing can be a challenging process, yet Carol's abilities supersede other methods of our time. She takes her clients' healing to the ultimate level, creating an effortless, joyful and abundant experience for each person who finds her." 

Medical Medium & Author of "Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic & Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal 

Anthony William

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