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"I have been working with Carol for the past several months on some of my most difficult life struggles. Her guidance has been uncanny in how she zeroes in on exactly what needs to be addressed and healed. Her intuition is a gift that truly rounds out her ability to help in the most loving, compassionate and effective way. I am grateful to have found a holistic coach and friend that I will be able to rely on in the years to come"  Andrea Libutti, M.D. Author of "Awakened by Autism" & Founder of the Autism Wellness Revolution

"Carol is a highly intuitive and skilled counselor. She provides you clear perspective that shifts energy. She keeps you focused on the highest, so perceived barriers dissolve, and you move forward with joy and ease."  Mirabai Cardullo, Soul-Centered Coach

"I thought I was lucky to have worked with some great Counselors before, but, Carol Ritchie is just absolutely amazing! No matter what aspect of my life we may be working on, whether it be child raising and managing priorities, relationship with husband, family challenges, career, health, meditation, spirituality, stress, overwhelm areas, and more... she is always mind-blowingly good and helpful! I don't know how she does it, but she has an incredible ability to rapidly "connect" to the real heart or core of the issue! I find her constantly offering me gold nuggets of wisdom and new insights."  Debbie Armstrong Leek

"Carol has had a strong positive impact on my life and personal growth. She is gentle, loving, and compassionate, yet still very clear, direct and effective. Even in sessions dealing with tough or sad issues, I always come out feeling better and more positive. Not only did I have the motivation to get the things done I needed, but after working with Carol, I'd also have a lot more insights and strategies to be able to handle (or think about) the situation differently, for the better! Not only is Carol a fantastic teacher- but she is a true light worker, who comes from great love and compassion. Anyone should hire her in a heartbeat to expereince her beautiful gifts, in helping you make the most of your life! I consider myself so fortunate to be working with her!"  Adrianna B.

"My wife insisted I seek help after years of a strained business partnership began to take its’ toll on my physical health, as well as my marriage. Through working with Carol, I began to take ownership for my feelings and reactions to stressful circumstances in my life, and gained new awareness that it is not always outer reality that needs to change, but how I relate and react to the issue. Carols’ contribution to my progress has improved my personal and professional interactions as well as helping me to minimize the affect stress has on my life." William B., Ohio

"Carol has been a wonderful influence in my life. She has been my life coach and spiritual coach over the years. Her intuitive nature is such a gift, as her guidance is always spot on. Whether I needed more business minded guidance or more spiritual minded compassion, Carol always seems to just know. By helping me connect more deeply to my spiritual side, I was able to be more authentic in my life. She was able to pinpoint my desires and goals, and then help me to work towards them. I felt encouraged and supported in the work we did together, Lastly, Carol taught me to Listen, Trust and Receive. I am so grateful for our work together."  Tracy Curtis, President and CEO of Talent Agency Los Angeles

"I have not met a more understanding and loving woman in my search for a compassionate counselor. Carol and I worked together via the phone, which I was a bit uneasy about at first, but we got to the work and the core of my feelings and needs in a short amount of time. She helped to reveal some core issues that were a continual pattern, which I could not see, that were blocking my advancement toward peace and wellness in my life. She taught me tools and practices that are invaluable, which I continue to use on my journey. Carol’s unique and outstanding qualities as a counselor helped me make many positive changes in my life."  

Mara Cramer, Maui, Hawaii


"As an elderly woman struggling through a difficult time of transition and pain in my life, Carol has been a great source of strength and support. Our sessions over the past year have helped me feel more resilient, peaceful and most importantly hopeful. I believe I have become better at directing my thoughts and emotions toward a more positive and loving way of being with myself and others. Carol has helped to bring the inner blessings of peace and more tranquil mind." Judy Lavin, Milford, CT

"Carol's remarkable patience, compassion and skills as an emotional and spiritual healer surpass expectations. We all know healing can be a challenging process, yet Carol's abilities supersede other methods of our time. She takes her clients' healing to the ultimate level, creating an effortless, joyful and abundant experience for each person who finds her."  Anthony William, Medical Medium,

Radio show host and Author of New York Best Seller Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

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